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Join us in discussing current issues in the digital humanities. Each reading session is centered on one book or topic. All are welcome to attend, including those outside of KU. Stay tuned for all upcoming reading groups by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or by following us on Twitter @IDRH_KU.

Next up

"Mechanisms by Matthew Kirschenbaum"Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic Imagination

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum

JAN 29, 2021

3-5pm via zoom

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Past Discussions


Battershill, C., & Ross, S. (2017). Using digital humanities in the classroom: A practical introduction for teachers, lecturers, and students. Bloomsbury Academic.

Benjamin, R. (2019). Race after technology: Abolitionist tools for the new Jim Code. Polity.

Caswell, M. (2014). Archiving the unspeakable: Silence, memory, and the photographic record in Cambodia. University of Wisconsin Press.

Davis, R. F., Gold, M. K., Harris, K. D., & Sayers, J. (Eds.).(2020). Digital pedagogy in the humanities: Concepts, models, and experiments. Modern Language Association.

GO::DH. (n.d.) Minimal Computing. [Thought pieces by the working group] 

Losh, E., & Wernimont, J. (Eds.). (2019). Bodies of information: Intersectional feminism and the digital humanities. University of Minnesota Press.

Noble, S. U. (2018). Algorithms of oppression: How search engines reinforce racism. NYU Press.

Risam, R. (2018). New digital worlds: Postcolonial digital humanities in theory, praxis, and pedagogy. Northwestern University Press.

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