Border studies

United Fronteras logo, a world map inside a nuclear model


United Fronteras (UF), locates and documents material / projects that expose / visualize the (dis) encounters of border regions in order to create cross-border cultural digital records and a digital memory of this production. A cross-border cultural digital record brings together material / projects with digital components produced in both countries to delineate border regions historically and by means of this record.

Black and white map of the united states


Borderlands Archives Cartography (BAC) is a personal commitment to border communities. This digital mapping project conceptualizes founders Maira E. Álvarez and Sylvia A. Fernández’s fronteriza/transfronteriza knowledge from the U.S.-Mexico region, as well as their academic background in border, literary, and archival studies at the intersection of digital technologies. The project was founded in 2017 by then-graduate students Álvarez and Fernández as an independent, non-funded, and non-institutional project.