Digital activism

United Fronteras logo, a world map inside a nuclear model


United Fronteras (UF), locates and documents material / projects that expose / visualize the (dis) encounters of border regions in order to create cross-border cultural digital records and a digital memory of this production. A cross-border cultural digital record brings together material / projects with digital components produced in both countries to delineate border regions historically and by means of this record.

Data visualization, grid of locations in google maps taken from Torn Apart / Separados, "The Eye"


Launched in June 2018 after a week of intense collaboration among librarians, faculty, and graduate students, Torn Apart/Separados (TA/S) Volume 1 intervened in United States’ immigration debates with data narratives illuminating the effects of the government’s policy of separating families, which began at the Mexico-U.S. border but, as TA/S revealed, is, in fact, a national landscape of immigrant detention.

Huellas Incomodas


Under the absence, constant threats and the risk of disappearing from the memory of humanity, Huellas Incómodas / Uncomfortable Footprints, emerges as a documentary preservation initiative that works to document, preserve and generate a (digital) legacy of collective memory and the right to the truth from the struggles for a more just society.