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James Yeku
Project Director Assistant Professor of African and African-American Studies University of Kansas

Consultation, training, and technical assistance provided by the IDRH

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Digital Nollywood is an ongoing digital project established to preserve the material history of the film medium in Nigeria, particularly old Nollywood, the video-film industry that emerged in the 1990s in Nigeria. Nollywood came into existence after the celluloid tradition of Nigerian cinema collapsed because of the mitigating effects of the structural adjustments that essentially curtailed the production and consumption of cinematic texts. The posters in Digital Nollywood are treated as art objects that offer a rich and alternate history of Nollywood, through visual narratives and exhibitions. In many ways, the project uses movie posters to narrate the story of a media form that tells the African story. The project also includes an oral history component that collects the voices and stories of seniors and elders in the Nigerian film industry.


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