Digital Jumpstart Workshops: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities and the Center for Teaching Excellence are proud to announce the Fall 2022 Digital Jumpstart Workshops, “Digital Storytelling in the Classroom.”

“Digital Storytelling in the Classroom” is an intensive two-day series of hybrid workshops, panels, and a keynote presentation, all aimed at equipping teachers at the University of Kansas to integrate the tools of the digital humanities into their classrooms. Workshops will be offered in-person and available via zoom. The Workshops are open to the University of Kansas and other institutions in the region.

“Digital Storytelling in the Classroom” provides three levels of support for KU teachers who want to integrate digital humanities tools into their classrooms.  

  1. Instruction. Workshops will cover a range of student-friendly technical tools, from text-mining with Voyant, to creating branching, non-linear narratives with Twine, to creating online maps, to documenting historical sites, to much more. See schedule for details.  
  2. Support. Any workshop attendee who uses a digital humanities tool in a 2023 KU classroom will have the support of the IDRH and the CTE as they teach the course and implement the tool. Support entails pre-assignment and mid-term consultations as well as a measure of troubleshooting.  
  3. Funding to use digital humanities tools in the classroom. Through the generosity of the Center for Teaching Excellence, a selection of workshop attendees will receive $500 stipends to support implementation and evaluation of a digital humanities tool in their classroom in 2023 (spring, summer, or fall). Because of limited funding, applicants will be selected competitively. Learn more about Digital Jumpstart Course Funding.

The Digital Jumpstart Workshops will feature keynote presentation "Rethinking the Synchronic Classroom: Concepts and Templates for Balancing the Analog and Digital in Course Construction" by Shawna Ross, Associate Professor of British Literature and the Digital Humanities at Texas A&M University, Co-Author of Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom: A Practical Introduction for Teachers, Lecturers, and Students (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017).

The Digital Jumpstart Workshops are open to the University of Kansas and other institutions in the region. Registration for virtual attendence is required; in person registration is optional, but appreciated! Please complete our registration form.