Resources from the IDRH

  • IDRH Finding Aid

    Our finding aid indexes the many recordings and resources for talks, workshops, and interviews we have hosted at the IDRH since 2011. Our resources are kept in our KU ScholarWorks, our YouTube, GitHub, and the IDRH site. The Finding Aid provides one centralized gateway. Filter results by presenter, title, date, and keyword.

  • Getting Started LibGuide

    Our LibGuide is a resource both for those just getting started in DH as well as anyone looking for resources for teaching and research.

Around Campus

  • GIS & Data Lab

    KU Libraries support research, teaching, and learning related to mapping and GIS including lab space and a GIS Specialist. The lab maintains a list of software available to researchers which includes ArcGIS tools, ATLAS.TI, R and RStudio, and more.

  • Carpentries Workshops

    With hands-on workshops offered by KU's cohort of certified Carpentries Instructors, you will learn fundamental skills that can increase your productivity and improve the quality and reproducibility of your research projects. Multiple workshops are offered around the calendar year.

  • Institute for Information Sciences

    Institute for Information Sciences (I2S) advances knowledge and creates innovative technologies in telecommunications, information systems, bioinformatics, and radar. The labs within I2S receive computing resources, RF engineering for layout and construction, and programming expertise which are supported by dedicated technical staff. I2S facilitates web hosting and access to software for many digital humanities projects on campus.

  • Digitization

    The University of Kansas Libraries provide a variety of scanners which are available for patron use. Scanners are available for all types of materials, including fragile items, books with delicate spines or with images which run into the margins, and loose-leaf pages. The library maintains a list of locations and specifications of all public scanners.

  • Research Data Management

    Help your future self by following best practices for managing your research data. As a humanist, you might not be familiar with data management, but whether you're working with computational humanities or digital storytelling, you are working with data. KU Libraries supports the campus research community by providing guidance and services for managing research data, including data management education and referrals to related campus services, data management plan guidance and templates, and data deposit guidance for KU ScholarWorks and other data repositories.

  • Makerspace

    The KU Libraries Makerspace provides a venue for KU students, faculty and staff to think, tinker, create and collaborate with others. Makerspace staff is available to assist with every part of the process. Located on the second floor of Anschutz Library, the Makerspace facilitates 3D printing, podcasting and general creative discovery.

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