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Jumpstart your DH Project

The IDRH hosts free workshops to provide faculty, staff, and graduate students hands-on introductions to digital tools and practices in order to help you manage your data, analyze text, work collaborative over long term projects, create digital editions, fund projects, and publish and disseminate your results. We offer workshops both periodically throughout the year and by request for small groups and classes with IDRH staff and invited speakers. We ask for 10 days advance notice when requesting workshops. Contact us via idrh@ku.edu.

Example workshops include:

  • Intro to Digital Humanities
  • Intro to Spatial Data, Mapping, and GIS
  • Digital Storytelling with Omeka/Scalar
  • Easy and Sustainable Web Publishing with Plain Text, Jekyll and Github
  • Metadata for Digital Projects
  • Problem solving sessions

Recordings and descriptions of past workshops are available in the IDRH Archive.

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Workshops are available by request for classes or groups. We ask for 10 days advance notice.
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