Apply Now to Join HASTAC Scholars


The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities is pleased to announce that we will support student applications for the HASTAC Scholars Program for their 2020-2022 class.

The HASTAC Scholars Program gives undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to develop their Digital Humanities interests and showcase their DH research and projects to a broader audience. Students can use the two year period to learn more about DH, develop a specific digital project, hone their technical skills, or pursue a project that intersects with their area of research and Digital Humanities. 

IDRH welcomes applications from students who want to develop their own DH research, take up a project suggested on the HASTAC Scholars page, or work on an IDRH related project at KU. Selected Scholars will be expected to meet milestones/criteria suggested by HASTAC, and offer a presentation or workshop on campus about their digital research. IDRH will offer selected Scholars a research fellowship of $300 per year and mentorship support. KU has supported 17 HASTAC Scholars since 2011, and we hope to build our community of students interested in digital scholarship.

There is a two-stage application process: First, apply for IDRH sponsorship by emailing the information required by the HASTAC Scholars application to by October 23, 2020. We use the same application required by HASTAC. Selected candidates will be informed by October 27 and, as a final step, must then submit their application to HASTAC by November 2, 2020.