Manuscript text from the Jesuatti Book of remedies. The single page includes an illustration of a kind of medical process.


Dating 1562, Libro de I scretti & ricette, also known as the Jesuatti Book of Remedies (MS Pryce E1), is a collection of medical remedies written by friars in the Order of Saint Jerome in Luccain, Italy. The Book of Remedies is one of few detailed accounts of therapeutics of its time. With over two thousand recipes and working drawings, the manuscript provides unique insight into late Renaissance drugs and the methods of determining their usefulness.

Page from a Turkish manuscript where words are spaced out with a red rule lines in a grid


The project Annotated Turki Manuscripts from the Jarring Collection Online is an effort to provide better access for the public to materials in the Central Asian manuscripts collected by a number of Swedish scholars and donated by Prof. (and Ambassador) Gunnar Jarring to the Lund University Library in Sweden. The project is directed by Prof. Arienne M. Dwyer and Dr. C. M. Sperberg-McQueen.

Frontispiece featuring Margaret Cavendish depicted as a classical statue, title "Natures Pictures Drawn"


Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673) wrote numerous works of philosophy, plays, and poetry, as well as a science fiction work, an autobiography and a biography of her husband. While many of her works are available online, her 1663 edition of Philosophical and Physical Opinions has not yet had an open access and easily searchable edition until now. The work is important in that is it a substantial revision of her 1655 edition of Philosophical and Physical Opinions.