Data visualization comprised of grid thumbnails of locations on google maps. Image taken from Torn Apart / Separados - The Eye

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Manuscript text from the Jesuatti Book of remedies. The single page includes an illustration of a kind of medical process. Digital Edition, TEI-XML
Dyche's panorama, an exhibit of taxidermy animals mounted in a natural setting Digital Archives, Digital Storytelling
portraits of Atem Akuei and Rebecca Kothis Kuany Mabior Digital Storytelling
Project on the History of Black Writing Corpus/Database, Digital Archives, Pedagogy
The Religion in Kansas Project Digital Archives, Oral History
Decorative thumbnail Digital Initiative, Pedagogy
Data visualization, grid of locations in google maps taken from Torn Apart / Separados, "The Eye" Data Visualization, GIS/Mapping
United Fronteras logo, a world map inside a nuclear model Digital Archives, GIS/Mapping