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The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities and the Center for Teaching Excellence are proud to announce the Fall 2023 Digital Jumpstart Workshops, “Digital Storytelling in the Classroom.”

“Digital Storytelling in the Classroom” is an intensive two-day series of hybrid workshops, panels, and a keynote presentation, all aimed at equipping teachers at the University of Kansas to integrate the tools of the digital humanities into their classrooms. Workshops will be offered in-person and available via zoom. The Workshops are open to the University of Kansas and other institutions in the region.

“Digital Storytelling in the Classroom” provides three levels of support for KU teachers who want to integrate digital humanities tools into their classrooms.  

  1. Instruction. Workshops will cover a range of student-friendly technical tools, from text-mining with Voyant, to critical digital mapping, to AI literacy in the classroom, to creating digital archives, and more. See schedule for details.  
  2. Support. Any workshop attendee who uses a digital humanities tool in a 2024 KU classroom will have the support of the IDRH and the CTE as they teach the course and implement the tool. Support entails pre-assignment and mid-term consultations as well as a measure of troubleshooting.  
  3. Funding to use digital humanities tools in the classroom. Through the generosity of the Center for Teaching Excellence, a selection of workshop attendees will receive $500 stipends to support implementation and evaluation of a digital humanities tool in their classroom in 2024 (spring, summer, or fall). Because of limited funding, applicants will be selected competitively. See below for details. 

Please register for the Digital Jumpstart Workshops. (Open to the University of Kansas and other institutions in the region)


October 19-20, 2023: Digital Jumpstart Workshops (see full schedule for details)

December 1, 2023: Deadline to apply $500 for Spring 2023 semester. For details, see below.  

April 26, 2024: Deadline to apply $500 for Summer and Fall 2024 semesters. For details, see below. 

Spring, Summer, and Fall, 2024: All participants in the Digital Jumpstart Workshops are encouraged to use the digital tools and methods taught at the workshops in their classrooms. The IDRH and CTE are excited to provide instructional support and tool-specific consultations for all instructors on campus, whether they receive funding for course development or not. 

How to apply for funding

If you attended one of the workshops on Oct 19 or 20, 2023, and if you are an instructor planning to use a digital humanities tool in a 2024 KU classroom, you are eligible to apply for a $500 incentive.  

To apply, submit the following materials as a single PDF file. The file should be named “ 2023-JumpstartStipend_Lastname-Firstname.pdf” and submitted via email ( by 11:59 CT, December 1, 2023. 

  1. 1-page Cover Sheet that includes the following information 
    1. Name, title, and contact information of applicant.  
    2. Workshop(s) attended (does need to match the tool you propose to use in a classroom) 
    3. Course details: time, semester, enrollments  
    4. Course description
  2. Description of the assignment that will utilize any digital humanities tool
    1. 1-page max.
    2. Explain how the tool will be implemented in the classroom. How will it be taught, how will it complement the larger themes of the course, and what support do you anticipate needing?
  3. A draft of the course syllabus (optional)

Review and selection process

Applicants will be ranked according to the following criteria.  

  1. The degree to which the digital tool is implemented into the course
  2. The quality of the description of the assignment and the applicant's clarity of expression.

Awards and Obligations

Awards will be announced by December 8, 2023 (Spring 2024 Awards) and May 3, 2024 (Summer/Fall 2024 awards). Each award will be $500, which may be taken as either a stipend (minus fringe) or as reimbursement for research expenses.

By accepting the financial award, successful applicants commit to the following obligations.  

  1. Use the DH tool in the course as proposed.  
  2. Within 3 months of the end of the semester in which the tool was used, successful applicants will provide the IDRH with a copy of the final assignment and, if possible, examples of student work. Where appropriate, assignments and work may be featured by the IDRH on their website and other reports.  
  3. Participate in a CTE poster session at the end of the academic year in which they teach the funded course.


If you would like assistance crafting a digital humanities assignment, please reach out to the IDRH at with questions.

Digital Jumpstart 2023


  • Eligibility: KU faculty, staff, and graduate students

  • Award: $500

  • Deadline to apply: December 1st (for Spring 2024); April 26th (for Summer & Fall 2024)

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