Our Values

The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities (IDRH) is committed to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. As a community of researchers, we are dedicated to openness and collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, welcoming all who are interested in digital approaches to humanistic inquiry, both beginner and expert, on campus and off. 

We value collaboration and prioritize accessibility. We are committed to listening to each other across boundaries of discipline, demographic, or tradition. We are dedicated to a participatory practice that recognizes the voices, skills, and labor of all. Convinced that innovation requires cooperation, we strive to create an environment in which ideas can be explored safely by all, where respect infuses thought, and where civility protects inquiry without silencing dissent. 

We consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and access to be at the core of our mission and recognize that a truly accessible digital humanities requires more than open-source digital tools and a friendly environment. Our commitment to amplifying stories by and about underrepresented groups is reflected in our inclusive hiring practices, programming, and initiatives. As part of our dedication to public scholarship, we work closely with diverse communities to understand their needs and aspirations and provide equitable access to digital tools and training to help close the digital divide.